The Shocking Truth About Bottled Water

Bottled Water Reality Check.

Have you ever thought how long ago the bottled water, you just bought was made – yesterday, a few weeks ago, maybe a month?


Between 6 months and 3 years.

Bottled water is typically tap water that a company filters and repackages with some enticing statements suggesting health and fitness. What really happens is that the tap water is passed through a high micron filter. Which is designed to remove contaminants and make it safe to drink i.e. remove poisons and toxins. Ok, so it does this but in that process, it also removes the mineral goodness – potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium that the body needs.

You need natural water instead of Bottled Water.

What your body really needs to drink is natural water that contains high levels of naturally occurring minerals, like calcium and magnesium. Natural water flows down from the mountain tops, through rivers and up from underground springs. As water moves across the earth, it picks up beneficial minerals.

Regrettably, the water you just bought is simply ……wet! Nothing more.  Much of the bottled water you purchase today will actually worsen the problem rather than solve it.

Municipal water vs Bottled Water Reality Check.

Most bottled water is simply municipal water that has been through a high-grade filter that removes the impurities. But in so doing also removes the minerals that are so important to the health of our bodies. And the water quality from which these bottles have been created varies depending on the water source and the municipal treatment.

Water that has been purified has a more acidic pH level. Unfortunately, acidic water is less hydrating for your body. It can even pull nutrients out of your body.

Calcium and Magnesium.

Calcium and magnesium both help with bone strength. Also, magnesium helps to reduce inflammation and stress in the body.

Now consider what happens to the water when it is sat on a pallet for months and years inside a plastic bottle prior to being sold. Of course, the plastic leaches into the water and contaminates the content. Moreover, A recent scientific study into synthetic polymer contamination in bottled water bottles concluded that in a test of 259 plastic bottles, 93% showed signs of microplastics. A further study by the World Health Organization (WHO) found 90% of the world’s most popular water brands contained pieces of plastic.

What a waste of your money?

What a terrible impact on the environment?